Dating a women with 4 kids

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She wants a man that does not: lie, cheat and can be around for the "good and bad". I'm separating from my wife and when I'm ready to get back in the saddle in the dating scene part of me thinks that I'd have just as much success/attractiveness to a woman who already has children or is divorced or both than I would with somebody who doesn't and is looking for more.The only downside I can see (besides no nightlife whatsoever) is not being able (or not wanting) to have children of our own, which I think would be a bit sad for two people who loved eachother.

Here’s what to do: Your go/no-go window remains the third date, but the signals will be all new. My ex self-immolated when I joked about meeting his 6-year-old anytime before she was, say, old enough to drive. I treat my date’s offspring like feral, if adorable, animals—keeping my distance and letting them make the first move.Then use pickups and drop-offs as casual getting-to-know opps or to diffuse any drama.With rugrats in the picture, there’s zero chance you’ll ever be the top person in this woman’s life—but that window of narcissism was short-lived anyway (if it existed at all).Honestly, nobody gives a shyt what you do in your personal life OP. I would rather date a woman with 4 children who has had only a few partners in her lifetime than meet the woman I do that have 15 to 40 partners.In this day of age it doesn't surprise me that people view children as a bad thing. Can't be selfish and raise children, especially someone else's.

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