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Even You Tube is experimenting in this space with an app called Uptime.

The co-viewing experience is also more broadly part of the appeal of the newer live-streaming video services, like those from Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live.

Due to sudden locking of FB account, it has become quite difficult for business people to access this social networking website and perform essential activities on the business fan page that eventually lead to commercial loss as Internet users are not able to access business fan page and cannot place order after accessing the website directly from that particular fan.

Sometimes, business fan page stops responding on a temporary basis; when FB account associated with it is temporarily locked that make things more worst.

You can participate in only one room at a time, but you can leave and rejoin rooms freely.

Facebook users get generally surprised on the behavior of the server to lock Facebook account on sudden basis without intimating them as it was working fine a few minutes back.

Due to locked FB account, people face lot of problems as they were supposed to complete an essential task There are certain reasons behind sudden Facebook account locking.

In light of this and other recent web security threats, you might also want to know that services like Gmail, Facebook, and Yahoo!

Mail have similar pages where you can see who else might be accessing your account.

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