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“It’s very disheartening, but then again where are you going to send them?I guess that’s the biggest problem.”A lack of affordable, subsidized and supportive housing in Surrey and across the region appears to be the primary reason that the number of people living on and around 135A Street has increased.“There’s a growing gap between the rich and poor, and it’s starting to show on our streets,” said Surrey Coun.“The city does not have the mandate or funding to build or buy or operate housing facilities and provide services.We’re having to stretch our budgets to meet the demand.”She called on the provincial and federal governments to provide more funding and support.Moore has even caught someone urinating on the cenotaph in front of the Legion.There have been similar issues at a nearby church and sports fields.“I think our membership suffers because people are scared to come here,” he said.People on social assistance also have a hard time finding housing because landlords don’t want to rent to them.

One woman said that she counted 15 overdoses on a particularly bad day.

Over the years, the Legion has been hit by thieves who stole computers, a barbecue, items from people’s vehicles and even the flowers from flowerpots.

People regularly urinate and defecate in the doorways.

There’s a street in Whalley known as “The Strip” that’s a one-stop shop for practically any vice, and trafficking in drugs, sex and stolen goods is the norm.“This block, you’ll find anything.

This is the Downtown Eastside Vancouver of Surrey,” said Jeff Scherr, who has lived on and around 135A Street for eight years.“It’s depressing, it’s isolating, it’s sad.

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