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Petitioners go on to lay stress on respondent's failure to report for work on December 18-21, 1996 without notifying the office and without explaining her absence when she returned for work.

of her absences on December 18 and 19, indicates that her condition had already come to the latter's knowledge thereafter, thereby excusing her absences on December 20 and 21.

Thus, while the Court finds it thoughtless of Valerie not to have exerted diligent efforts to inform the office of the reason for her absence at the earliest time possible, it, however, In this day where over-the-counter medicines abound for common ailments such as loose bowel movement, Hollero's story of unabated LBM to cause her to be absent for 4 consecutive days starting December 18 to December 21, 1996 is simply incredible.

Wors[e], in this day and age of high technology and modern telecommunication facilities in Metro Manila, Hollero's pitiful story that she had no other means of communicating with petitioner U-Bix except thru her neighbor's busted phone is even more incredible. It breaks one's credibility to believe that respondent Hollero was suffering for 4 consecutive days from unrelenting LBM such that she could not even request somebody to call her employer U-Bix of her predicament.

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The training commenced on July 4, 1996 and ended on September 3, 1996.6-97, U-Bix alleged that upon respondent's return from her training abroad, she demonstrated gross neglect of her duties as shown by her continued tardiness, habitual absences, and failure to submit reports and/or documents on their due dates, attention to which was repeatedly called but she persisted in such conduct; that on December 17, 1996, respondent's superiors discussed with her the duties and responsibilities of a facilities manager and the work performance standards expected of her, following which or on December 18 and 19, 1996, she did not report for work without prior notice; that on December 23, 1996, respondent's superior Bill Malfitano (Malfitano) handcarried to her residence a memorandum requiring her to explain in writing her unauthorized absences, with a warning that failure to respond within 24 hours from receipt thereof would be considered a waiver of her right to give her explanation; that respondent, however, failed and refused to submit any explanation, constraining U-Bix to terminate her employment; and that on April 24, 1997, U-Bix's counsel wrote respondent a letter 187,510 training expenses but the same remained unheeded.Subsequently or on August 25, 1997, respondent filed a complaint for illegal dismissal against petitioner U-Bix and/or its President-petitioner Edilberto B. Her complaint, which was docketed as NLRC-NCR Case No.The two days I am referring to are Wednesday, December 18, 1996 and Thursday, December 19, 1996.I am requesting that you respond in writing by 5 pm on Tuesday, December 24, 1996.

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